What Went Wrong

What does Siri really feel?

What if Sophie the A.I. robot could also have emotions?

Does technology really matters?

If you replace a DIY System Arduino to your Kitchen in order to boil your eggs would that be more efficient than using Gas?

How do we empathise failure?

Is Music the Answer?

The story behind this project is the result of thoughts being lost in a flow of Informations and data loss. At the Beginning they were Kamikaze and then they turn into a weird hybrid called Marquis Malanga. This guy died a year ago. Let’s bring him back into a new era under a new name.

What Went Wrong is a project that could maybe answer to one of those Question and will eventually save our souls from the hell of sonic boredom.

Or not.

The music is inspired from many years of experimentations of collage, foley recordings, soundscapes, scoring and improvisation.

Gazing at the infinite youtube trash universe, they ended up by squeezing that tube to extract the quintessence of humanity from it.

The result of this Project is a forty minutes long video-collage enhancing love, trash, glitch, psychedelism and saturation, featuring

images from 1920 to 2020.

Masterprojekt Pop ZHdK von Alexandre J.Maurer (drums, tape machine and electronics)
mit: Fabio Pinto (guitar and electronics)

Diese Veranstaltung ist Teil von:

Natascha Polke

  • Sa. 25.Mai19
  • 22H00
Melancholische Klangwelten, die von kräftigen elektronischen Beats getragen und von dreamy Vocal-Hooks geführt werden, prägen Natascha Polke’s Musikstil. Die harmonischen Songs finden sich zwischen Pop und Electronica wieder und entstanden nicht zuletzt durch Inspiration von Artists wie Bob Mos ...

Confuzion Live

  • Fr. 24.Mai19
  • 20H30
Melancholische, harmonische Popmusik, gewürzt mit Jazzchords, Funkigen Grooves und elektronischen Elementen. Masterprojekt ZHdK von Basil Zinsli (songwriting, vocals and keys) mit: Merlin Mattheeuws (b), Michi Süess (dr), Manuel Zolliker (keys und synths)   ...

Morbid Coal – „Dantes Inferno“

  • Fr. 24.Mai19
  • 22H00
„Are you prepared to be judged in this place though you think you’re without sin?“ - Lucifer Melancholic and evil, violent and soft, emotional and powerful, complex and with a slight touch of musical drama. Morbid Coal returns with a new sound of Progressive Metal combining heavy grooves ...


  • Do. 23.Mai19
  • 20H30
Pillowism | noun pil·low·ism | \ ˈpi-lōˌi-zəm \ 1. A confession or an insight brought about by the state of lying in bed. “We were just about to fall asleep when he dropped another pillowism on me.” 2. The skill of applying the cautious outspokenness of pillow talk to other con ...


  • Do. 23.Mai19
  • 22H00
Out of the black with itchy fingers, a spark turns into a cataclysmic force. With one guitar and two drums, a single stroke actuates the firing sequence of a machine gun. This three piece band is always ready to pull the trigger.  Masterprojekt Pop von Silvan Gerhard (guitar/vocals) mit Matti ...