FM Einheit

Platz Schaffen: The Need for Art to Change the World - An International Symposium on Gustav Metzger

Live: FM Einheit (former member of Einstürzende Neubauten)

FM Einheit convenes the power of destruction for the creation of his music. Massive steel springs, bricks, pebble and metal sheets collide for Platz schaffen, FM Einheit’s concert organised to coincide with the opening evening. Like Metzger’s auto-destructive art, in which the artist applied acid over paintings, destroying their surfaces by chemically ‘eating’ the canvas, FM Einheit’s concert will take this possibility of a tabula rasato a new level when “Pop willeat itself!”.

FM Einheit has played for the past forty years with assorted industrial and everyday materials, and is an eminent authority of German experimental sound art. In the 1980s, he was the percussionist for the punk band Abwärtsand Palais Schaumburg, and fundamentally influenced the sound of the post-punk industrial music by playing with Einstürzende Neubautenfor many years. FM Einheit has also composed for theater, film and radio plays, for which he has received several awards. Heiner Müller, Peter Zadek and Andreas Ammer are among his composition collaborators.