Okvsho – DJ Set

DJ Late Night

The Duo Okvsho is one of the most promising prospects of upcoming musicians from Zurich, Switzerland. With the release of their „Traphouse Jazz EP“ via Boyoom Connective in the summer of 2018, Okvsho gained the attention of a wider audience for the first time through placements in Bandcamp Weekly, NTS Radio and many more. Their music is mostly inspired by the upcoming, young and vibrant UK Jazz Scene and their origins in beatmaking and house/electronic music.

The two brothers (21,23) who form Okvsho started out their musical careers at a very young age in Brazilian percussion groups and, due to their Hungarian roots, they are also familiar with traditional Balkan music. This background came to light on their 2020 released debut album „Kamala’s Danz“, in which they wanted to let their original musical backgrounds flow in and discover new ones at the same time. Especially through Placements of two Singles in the very popular Spotify-Playlist „State of Jazz“ Okvsho became one of the most interesting Names in the modern Jazz-Scene.

Through playing with with local jazz-musicians their live-band project emerged, which celebrates improvisation, spontanity and jazz as dance music. Their Live-shows are characterized by driving rhythms and should make the listener feel like moving and immersing into a world without time and beyond their own.

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  • Sa 12.Mrz.
  • 20:30
Die Suche nach dem Was, Fragen ohne Antworten und Antworten auf unbekannte Fragen. Muralim macht sich auf den Weg. Mit eingängigen Melodien, gestützt auf satten Grooves und umrahmt von warmen Harmonien. Und wenn man dann alles vergisst und nur das Hier und Jetzt zählt, ist plötzlich alles ...

Loophole feat. Raphael Kalt & Simon Spiess

  • Sa 12.Mrz.
  • 22:00
Loophole lassen aufkeimende Traumblasen auch mal platzen, lange bevor sie sie ihre ganze Fülle erreicht haben. Ganz einfach, um spontan neues Terrain zu betreten. Im Gegensatz dazu halten sie sich an gewissen Soundkreationen so lange fest, bis die Bilder in den Köpfen der Zuhörer glasklar sind. ...