Lange Nacht der zeitgenössischen Musik

Klänge | Strukturen | Situationen

Band of Burnouts presents
We are not sick (30″)
An experimental mash-up of sound and critical theory that reflects upon the sadness provoked by social media architectures – Amsterdam band hosted by the School of Commons research lab. Fixed media installation: music slideshow and printed zines

Alexander Tuchacek
radio ansteckende symbiosen (45″)
here is too much confusion, said the joker to the thief
pre-recorded radio show

Maxine Yolanda
Live set (45″)
Live instrumental concert
Maxine Vuillet, Stimme / Andrin Stettler, Gitarre / Elias Kirchgrauber Bass / Paul Grimshaw, Schlagzeug

Jamira Estrada
Train Waves (5″)
Nebelstück (7″)
new music with electronics 

Simon Grab & Innocent
Pulse (~30“) – UA
Dark feedback electronics and lyrics from the moon