Multiculturality and Multicolours of my musical world

A dance between Eastern Europe and Hispanic music. Text and poems in French, Spanish and Polish.

Bachelorproject Jazz ZHdK 2022 of Krystyna Huber – Vocals
Andrea Schürch at the Acordeon / Yann Tekadiozaya at the Double Bass / Alexander Gil at the Guitar / Dominique Hunziker at the Guitar and Vocals / Jonas Hutter at Percussions/ *Guest, Raphael Tschümperlin at the Trumpet* / Picture from Nunez

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Schaf Ahoi

  • Mi 01.Jun.
  • 20:00
Es passiert eine Geschichte. Bachelorprojekt Jazz ZHdK von Raphael Tschümperlin (Trompete, Erzählung) mit: Paul Grimshaw (Drums) Mischa Frey (Bass) Florian Pezzatti ...



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