Isabel Richiusa Trio

This trio project, in a chamber-music ensemble with Max Petersen on piano and Phelan Burgoyne on drums, moves between influences from different cultures and her perception of the environment’s sounds. The compositions from the the core and nature of Isabel Richiusa sail out from the port of Jazz and transcend the boundaries between jazz, folk and art music. The music is formed into an aesthetic of sound-images, never losing its vulnerability, fragility nor its emotional depth and clarity. Calmness and intensity combined with emotion, intellect and poetic sense are united in a modern way of playing, where each word and note is ascribed a deeper meaning. A floating, intimate and yet expressive music, that is rooted in the power of rhythms and transforms these into virtuoso forms.

Bachelor Projekt Jazz ZHdK von Isabel Richiusa (voc)
mit: Max Petersen (p), Phelan Burgoyne (dr)

Diese Veranstaltung ist Teil von:

Bang Bax

  • Di. 22.Sep.20
  • 22H00
Augen zu, Kopf aus, Bang Bax an und schon bist du am Strand, Füsse im Sand, Cocktail in der Hand und tanzt dem Sonnenuntergang entgegen. Die 10-köpfige Funk-Disco Band überschüttet dich mit ihrem positivem Lebensgefühl und lässt deine Alltagssorgen für eine kleine Ewigkeit verschwinden. Fühl ...