Rezital von Patrycja Pakiela

Enlightenment follows a mixed-media approach uniting the different disciplines live music, video and dance in one performance. Enlightenments are situational moments of an individual entering the state of awareness, consciousness and being true to the desires which are not always accepted by the society. Often when the enlightenments happen, they fade out immediately in the face of the individual’s need for structure and the necessity to coexist.

Mauricio Rodríguez-Film
Gary Berger- Elektronik
Qiuming He-Tanz
Jaime Belmonte Caparrós- Komposition, Elektronik
Kara Leva-Gesang
Nadja Reich- Cello
Patrycja Pakiela Flöte/ Sound Design

  • Start: Mi. 20.Juni18 19H00
  • Ort: Musikklub
  • Preis: Eintritt frei