A Musical Journey inspired by the sounds of the City

 What is this necessity to combine all heterogeneous urban sounds and emotions state inside a singular artistic expression? 

“E-Merge” is an interdisciplinary musical journey, inspired by the sounds of the City of Zurich. The main idea is to capture the different moods and energy of the city and reflect it into musical expression. It becomes a single, continual session that combines different compositions from different music styles and concepts. The project reflects the fact that we are all influenced by our environment – this project is a kind of appreciation to the city and society, its like a tree that takes the C02 and converts it into oxygen. As a musician, there is an emerge[ncy] to contribute, via a musical path by collecting the urban material, convert it, and merge into a musical piece. Emerge reflects what urban sound journey can be: a blended texture, with no rupture from Noisy sound crossed to another one, without feeling the transition. 

The format is a symbiosis divided into three main parts, field recordings of the city, live electronic improvisation and compositions for a quintet. 

Masterprojekt Jazz ZHdK von Dalius Singer – Trumpet, Electronics, Field Recordings, Compositions
Mauro Reimann – Tenor Saxophone
Joachim Frey – Guitar
Daniel Somaroo – Bass
Samir Böhringer – Drums
Mariana Vieira-Grünig – Scenography/Costumes 


Diese Veranstaltung ist Teil von:


  • Mo. 07.Sep.20
  • 21H00
 Es begann mit einem Recorder und dem starken Bedürfnis improvisatorische Momente festzuhalten. Durch die Aufnahme verliert die Improvisation ihre Flüchtigkeit und sie kann potenziell Komposition werden. Die Aufnahme dient so als ungeschriebene Partitur um improvisatorische Momente zu reproduzier ...

Travis William

  • Mo. 07.Sep.20
  • 22H00
Spielt originelle Kompositionen, die sich durch verschiedene Einflüsse auszeichnen. Diese Musik lebt am Treffpunkt von improvisierter und kammermusikalischer Musik. ...