Space, some dream of it, some fear it. And then there are the Bumblebees who dig into it, always searching for new psychedelic textures. Born in Lugano but based in Zurich, the five-piece group draws their influences both from ‘60s-’70s music and from contemporary artists, with a modern approach to their compositions and soundscape. Their passion for psychedelic buzz and dreamy vibes, creates an atmosphere that tempts each listener: guitar dialogs and floating synths, hold together by a vibrant rhythm section, are inviting everybody to follow them into their space shuttle to explore unknown destinations.

Doppelkonzert mit Tanja Barany

Diese Veranstaltung ist Teil von:

Tanya Barany

  • Fr. 05.Okt.18
  • 22H00
Doppelkonzert mit Bumble BeesTanya Barany`s Kompositionen sind so massiv wie die Walliser Berge, in denen sie aufgewachsen ist. Mit gletscher-gekühlten Gitarrenriffs, tektonischen Beats und seismischen Bässen malt sie dunkle Klanglandschaften, welche die mächtige Dufourspitze aussehen läss ...