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Lapidar (Berlin)
Das Label Lapidar aus Berlin-Neukölln schickt zwei ihrer Jungs nach Zürich. Egmond Urban und Serj Nose spielen groovende Beats von Funk über Disco bis hin zu Chicago House. Ihre sogenannten „Lapidadas“ haben an der Spree bereits Wellen geschlagen, nun kommen zum ersten mal in die Stadt an der Limmat.

Lapidar is a Berlin-based collective founded by Serj Nosé and Egmond Urban. Since the beginning, they have focussed on breaking apart the typical Berlin club-sound by combining their very own personal influences, ranging from House over Funk and Disco.

Serj Nosé has always felt a strong connection to the raw power of Chicago-House, as well as its modern trails. Especially when it comes to the more trippy and recent productions that have seen the light through artists such as Max Graef, Glenn Astro, Frits Wentink and many more. His vinyl case is always filled with a great variety of sounds, that doesn’t fear unconventional breaks as he travels through the vast history of House and it’s backgrounds, be it classic or modern Funk. Still his heedful ears never leave the dancefloor and his captious mixing always hits the spot!

Being the second part of Lapidar, Egmond Urban is a friend of the deeper spheres of House. By collecting, mixing and producing groove-ridden, expressive tunes, he strives to bring together the atmosphere of a summer night in Berlin with the idyll of the beaches of the North. His mixes combine the driving force of bass-driven Nu-Disco, Electro-Funk and the displaced grooves of modern House tracks.

As Lapidar, they both  have their fingers in some of the most distinguished House parties in Berlin, and frequently play side to side with Berlin’s finest, be it Kotellet & Zadak, Damiano von Erckert, Tim Vitá, Kate Miller, Marvin Hey and countless others.

They also were on top of organizing one of the most attended Open-Air in Berlin, the Silent Rixdorf Festival that took place in 2013. In 2014, they were responsible for the main stage at the Feel Festival and are still going big!

Prepare for a trip through the history of quality Dance music!

DJ Raycito

Music was his first love… Seine Leidenschaft für gute Musik besteht seit seiner Kindheit. Der gebürtige Berliner gehört zu den Resident DJ`s im Mehrspur und zeichnet sich vor allem durch sein breites Musikverstädnis und seine Offenheit für neue Sounds aus. Im Vordergrund seiner Sets steht immer die Tanzbarkeit und die Eingängigkeit der Grooves.