Stuck in a bottle on a trip

Bermuda is a message in a bottle that drifts somewhere on an open ocean. The swell picks up and the message in the bottles whips to and fro, sometimes submerging beneath the current, sometimes surging to the surface. Bermuda is a whirlpool. Bermuda is a fucking lazy day without any wind when the ocean is quiet. Bermuda is noise on a noiseless day. Bermuda is a trio stuck in a bottle on a trip.

Bachelor Projekt Pop von Beda Mächler (g,voc): Andreas Achermann (keys,voc), Linus Gmünder (dr,g,voc)

  • Start: Sa. 09.Mai15 01H15
  • Ort: Musikklub
  • Genre:
  • Preis: Kollekte