Ray Drma

RAY DRMA have that sound you just can‘t help craving for. When you go out on a Wednesday night in summer, for no reason at all except a compelling need for spiritual and sensual relief, then RAY DRMA should be playing at the venue of your choice.

While theirs is a brand new project, Sebas & Gianluca are no freshlings to the game by any means, with a backpack of over 100 gigs played on Swiss tours with musicians and combos such as Jas Crew or Maurice Polo, and a tour of Germany with the Night Beat Angels. They are children of the jam, and spend their free time neglecting any responsibility but hitting the rehearsal room.

RAY DRMA productions have developed into drum-oriented, melodic soul, funk and blues, thus always faithful to their musical heritage. Gianluca steps up with a handful of melodies and chord progressions and lets Sebas get into a groove before continuing work on the song.

Lyrics are just as important as groove, though: Gianluca writes verses and hooks with an explicit intent to touch everyone, if at different places and times, and indecently does so; RAY DRMA is a wild filly with a head full of folly. Every new song reflects a new moment in their enjoyably stressful and sweaty lives, so whatever direction they happen to turn their heads to, it might be the input for their next song. They are as unpredictable as Sebas’ sex drive and as sensitive as Gianluca‘s heart.