Lester Menezes Trio

Lester Menezes gründete dieses Klaviertrio nach jahrelangem Spiel in anderen Formationen, da er das Zusammenspiel mit Dominique Girod und Norbert Pfammatter sehr schätzt. Der Ausgangspunkt dieses Trios waren seine Eigenkompositionen, die eine sensible Interpretation fordern. Später wurde das Repertoire mit anderen Quellen erweitert.

Lester likes to explore the awkward, the uneasy territory; he believes in long time commitment to his music and values; there is a serious amount of effort in taking his playing and writing to such a high level of freedom and creativity.
Lester’s writing and playing is very inspiring, and his musical vision very clear and mature. The boundless imagination of Norbert Pfammatter on the drums, coming up with the perfect colors and moods for every moment, and the great creativity and skill of Dominique Girod on bass assure a top level performance of music that truly deserves it.