Lady Bazar

Lady Bazaar from Lausanne was born in 2012 from the human and musical encounter of four wild, young men, hungry for sensations and stage experiences. They roved and travelled, following their musical path, giving more than 150 concerts in Switzerland and France, with some high-level opening acts (Thunder Cat, Selah Sue, Hermeto Pascoal, Akua Naru, Yussef Dayes, Sandra Nkake, Thomas de Pourquery, etc,..), winning the music contest of Vernier-sur-Rock 2015 (CH) and Montjoux 2016 (FR), leaving in their wake a first album released in 2015 and the following year another explosive EP. Their dream? To create a standout music to share with the widest range of audiences possible.

Four years later, their singer and bass-player tragically took wing, upsetting their fate. In a whirlwind of emotions, the Bazaar met a Lady, sharing both the love for sounds and the love for a brother. Keeping that spirit, they sublimated, transcended and created for the groove to live eternally. New cards, new Lady. The mutation is now on the move towards a newly accepted femininity to illuminate the “Melodic-Soul-Hiphop” universe of the Bazaar. Their new album “Brave” is now available and gives you a foretaste of what’s coming for the future.”