Armen Donelian Trio

Der New Yorker Pianist spielt im Rahmen eines Professoren-Austausches Zürich – New York im Mehrspur. Seit drei Dekaden genießt der New Yorker Pianist, Bandleader, Komponist und Professor international grosses Ansehen.

„For three decades, the New York/Armenian pianist, composer, bandleader, educator, and author Armen Donelian has provided welcome relief from the clichés of jazz pianism plaguing our era. Indeed, Donelian’s piano playing reveals a masterful command rooted in classical and jazz studies, clean articulation, a deft, swinging touch, access to a broad dynamic spectrum, a virtuosic harmonic vocabulary and a boundless source of creative ideas. Along with his all-encompassing compositional genius, Donelian spans American and European improvisational, classical and folk idioms. Without force or persuasion, he invites the listeners to join him in personal and reflective“ – “A pianist with a crystalline touch and a penchant for avant gardism.” – New York Times “Donelian has quietly created a body of work that at the very least is consistent, at best exhilarating.” – All About Jazz